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Deshabandu Dr. T. Publis Silva

Colombo, Sri Lanka

Chef Publis, Director of Culinary Affairs at the Mount Lavinia Hotel, is a renowned figure in Sri Lanka, recently honored by the President for his service to his country. The author of 23 cookbooks, Chef Publis promotes using healthy, fresh and local ingredients while incorporating traditional Sri Lankan cooking techniques. MOUNT LAVINIA, SRI LANKA — The young Deshabandu Dr. T. Publis Silva had no knowledge or even dreams of cookery when he first arrived at Mount Lavinia Hotel, a heritage hotel in Sri Lanka, in 1956. He was a 19-year-old looking for work. A secondary school dropout from a poor family in a small village on Sri Lanka’s southern coast, Chef Publis had many odds stacked against him, he says. He always had a passion for Sri Lankan cuisine and He made it popular to make your own curry powder, to make Sri Lankan dishes with local produce and to make it fresh without any processed or artificial ingredients All Sri Lankan dishes served at the hotel are made with fresh ingredients, using no artificial flavoring or ingredients Today, Chef Publis is the author of 23 cookbooks, including a miniature cookbook of recipes from the royal household of Sri Lanka’s last king. In celebration of his 80th birthday, in April, he released his latest book, a 1,000-page tome titled “Mahasupavansaya,” or “The Great Chronicle of Culinary Art.” The book is currently being translated into English. Traditional, fresh, local – and medicinal Chef Publis says his journey into healthy cuisine and understanding the nexus between Sri Lankan food and traditional medicine came as a result of an embarrassing incident. Chef Publis found that coriander, cumin and sweet cumin – three spices which are also commonly used in medicinal preparations, and which form the basis of a curry powder – were being mixed with other spices by many Sri Lankan cooks, losing the rich flavor Many of the dishes he learned about had no recipes, so he had to create the dishes anew, using currently available local ingredients. He said that the secret ingredient to any recipe, the one ingredient that makes the dish extra flavorsome, is to cook with love... Description Credit : https://globalpressjournal.com/

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