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Pettah Market

Colombo, Sri Lanka

The largest and most famous market in Colombo, and Sri Lanka is Pettah Market. Not only a fresh produce market, Pettah Market is a collection of street blocks with maddening traffic, noise and haggling. Not surprising for a street market right? The biggest tip for when visiting Pettah Market is to take a tuk-tuk or taxi to the edge of the market and then walk in to discover all the little shops and goodies. It’s best to go to Pettah in a group and preferably not as a lone woman – Sri Lankan’s love to stare and most of the Pettah workers are men. The entrance to the Pettah Market is marked formally by a tall monument in the centre of a roundabout, known as the Khan Clock Tower which was built by the family of Framjee Bhickajee Khan, an eminent Parsi family from Bombay who used to have substantial business interests in the country and who also owned the Colombo Oil Mills. Most of the businesses in Pettah are dominated by Muslim who specialize in trading of goods and the Tamil people who have migrated from India traders who specialize in gold and jewelry shops. At the end of pettah is sea street which is Sri Lanka s gold market where people all around Sri Lanka come to purchase jewellery . It is a long street of jewellery shops with hundreds of shops next to one another. There are also some jewellery shops in main street gaspa junction.

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