If you’ve been fishing for unfiltered happiness, our seafood restaurant, The Lagoon, is where you’ll definitely find it, which takes after the lively atmosphere at seafood markets. We lay out the freshest catch of the day, so you can pick your favourite, and ask our chefs to prepare it in a sauce or curry of your choice.

Opt for the way you like it best – sizzling, grilled, steamed, curried, or fried and the aroma that it gives off will leave your mouth watering. Browse through our list of the choicest spirits, pick the one that goes best with your dish and in no time, you’ll find yourself swimming in seventh heaven.

While we serve the best Indian, Continental, Chinese and Thai seafood preparations, the Asian styled seafood buffet, served exclusively on Sundays should definitely not be missed. So, come, let us treat you to an ocean of pure joy.

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  • Outdoor Seating
  • Table booking recommended
  • Luxury Dining
  • Seafood
  • Buffet

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